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How to create a stronger presentation

Referrals and personal introductions are powerful ways to win business, and networking is an excellent way to make this happen. But if you’re going to spend time and hard-earned cash at networking events, give yourself the best chance of getting a return. Need some tips? Get L.O.S.T.!


When you network make sure your message appeals to the person you want to attract at that particular event. The chances are it’ll be someone who can refer you. What would encourage them to do that? And how would they recognise a potential client for you? On the other hand, if your networking colleagues themselves are your potential customers, what is it that will move them closer towards buying? Here’s an example… If your business is growing and you need to expand or refit your premises, then what you want from an office refit company is not necessarily a good deal on the furniture – or even top quality installations. The thing that may tip the balance for you is finding someone who can manage the whole thing and take away the headache! What’s the underlying issue for your customers? Talk about it – and you’ll attract new business.

Focus on ONE thing only

Keep your message to the point and get ONE thing across. That way it won’t get lost in everything else you might be tempted to say. Imagine a large bunch of flowers – a mixed bunch made up of all the colours of the rainbow. What colour are they? Well… a bit of this and a bit of that. Now imagine a stunning bouquet of crimson tulips. You’ll remember those much more easily. It’s the same with your talk. Focus on one thing. It’s easier for everyone.


This is similar to keeping focused and it reminds you to be very specific in what you’re asking for. It helps people respond to your request. Suppose you say you’re looking for “anyone who might need your services”. How easy is it for your networking colleagues to identify someone like that? It’s tough. But if you say you’re looking for “marketing managers in the construction industry in companies with at least 50 employees”, it’s MUCH easier for people to find these contacts for you. Tell them exactly what you want and, you never know, you might get it!

TEMPT, tease and tantalise

Include something that hooks their imagination and makes them smile and/or gives them an incentive to respond. Something free… or something funny… or a time-limited offer… or a very good reason to visit your web site perhaps. There are all sorts of possibilities.

So… get L.O.S.T. – and notice the difference. Why not come along to BBMK and try it out? You can even ask us for feedback, if you like. We’re a friendly bunch! To book yourself in, contact us today.