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Rod Cox - Falcon IT Ltd

IT Consultant

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http://www.falcon-it.co.uk/ | rod.cox@falcon-it.co.uk | Phone 01908 519040

How can you resolve ALL your IT problems – including the ones that haven’t happened yet?

With help from Falcon IT you can:

• resolve your IT problems for good
• stop them sneaking back onto your ‘to do’ list
• make sure your time and focus stays on your business, not on your computer systems

You can have the most amazing hardware and the most powerful software installed, but if you can’t get answers to the questions that naturally arise while you’re using your computer systems, you lose time and money. Very often you have nowhere to turn.

If you’re a senior manager focused on your targets and your deadlines, you’re not going to welcome the distraction.

Whenever you have a problem – hardware or software – simply call us. If we can’t help you on the phone we’ll come in and sort it out.
If you don’t have a problem, we’ll visit you regularly anyway to check that everything healthy. We’ll observe and pounce on potential problems and fix them swiftly.

If you need to install new hardware or software, or are not sure which, we’ll help you choose wisely before you invest.

Whenever you have questions, however small, just call us. That’s why we’re here.
We want you to take us for granted! Why? Because you can.

Find out more, visit our website, send us an email or simply pick up the phone and call us.


http://www.falcon-it.co.uk/ | rod.cox@falcon-it.co.uk | Phone 01908 519040